The first step is your initial consultation with one of our professional formalwear consultants, to understand the function you are attending, the dress code or theme, the appropriate cut and style for your body shape and the accessories that will match your partner/bride if applicable. We then take your measurements and place your order.

The suit is ready to collect a few days before the function, where you will have your final fitting. Then, the suit is returned on the next business day following the function.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointments are necessary. Your patience is appreciated during busier times.

Do I have to dry clean the suit before returning it?

No, this is included in the hire fee. Simply check your pockets and return the suit and accessories.

Why hire when I can buy?

Les Lees offers the option of hire or buy so the choice is yours.

What if my suit and accessories are accidentally damaged?

Not to worry, we advise you to take out our accidential damage waiver. The fee is nominal and gives you peace of mind should you accidentially damage the goods.

Why do I need to have a final fitting?

It is our job to ensure you look perfect for your big event. Whilst our professional formalwear consultants are experts in measuring you up, the final fitting ensures your ensemble looks and feels perfect.

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While it is not necessary to make a booking between Monday and Saturday, please fill out the following form to assist us in servicing your suit hire requirements.