Suits & Sportscoats

Les Lees offers several brands of suits for all shapes, sizes and budgets. Beginning with a range of suits for the first job interview progressing to a suit for the executive there is a suit to ensure you look perfect.

For the business person or a lounge suit for that special occasion Les Lees offers a large range of major labels including:

The Harrison & Miller brand is exclusive to Les Lees in Tasmania, and in addition to the Tailor made service available, there are stocks of Australian made pure wool Harrison & Miller suits available in store. The range of suits and sports jackets is complimented by Harrison & Miller shirts and ties.

Established in Australia 1904, the Studio Italia brand is synonymous with up to the minute styles, fit and fabrics. From sizes 88 – 142, Pure Wool and Wool Blended there is a suit that will make you look and feel every bit special.Les Lees stocks Studio Italia suits and sports jackets.

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Since 1889, New Zealand company Cambridge has maintained a fine reputation crafted from quality, style & fit. In particular Cambridge is foremost with their suit separate programme. The concept of suit separates is simply this: Select a suit jacket and combine it with a perfectly matching pair of trousers. Ideal for those who like to have additional pairs of trousers. Les Lees stocks Cambridge suits and sports jackets.

It may be your first suit or a progression from your first interview suit, New England is priced to please without sacrificing quality and style. There is always a large range of sizes and fabrics available at Les Lees.

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Our range of Slim Fitting Giotto New Generation suits are made from quality Wool Rich Blend Super 100s. They are suit separates, which gives you the option to purchase extra trousers if required or select the exact jacket & trouser sizes that you prefer.

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If you prefer a little more room than a slim fit suit has to offer, see our range of Stafford Ellinson Classic Fit suits. The Stafford Ellinson label is renowned for its quality and fine workmanship with more than 100 years years of west end tailoring tradition.Les Lees stocks Stafford Ellinson suits and sports jackets.